Savic services finalised a joint-venture of choice with Carla spol

Savic services finalised a joint-venture with Carla spol.
A chocolate collaboration of quality sees the day.
Discover this news and the details of this collaboration high in flavours and colours.

Since the creation of Savic services, we have had compliments and encouragements towards the creations and packagings that came directly out of our imaginations and created by a terrific team.

Thanks to this astounding human wealth and know-how our clients now become today our production partners such as "CARLA spol" for our new range of chocolate products.

It is clear for Carla spol and Savic services that the common assets of yesterday become the combined force of today.

We are happy to show you through our range of products: ChocoCard, ChocoSmart and ChocolateChest, the extent of our common know-how.

Discover them fast and be seduced by the chocolate "FINO DE AROMA".

Here you will find the highest quality of chocolate in the world, coming directly from Colombia. 

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