About us

Reinventing packaging R

Savic services is dedicated to the renewal of packaging.  
We are at the same time thinkers, artists and technicians.
We develop 3D greeting boxes, greeting cards and other packaging components.
At Savic services, our product value comes first.  Our ultimate goal : perfecting the complete integration of the product within the package to assure utmost perfection and increased value.

sublimating the product S

Savic services is applied in sectors such as : greeting cards, chocolates, confectionnary, cosmetics, clothing, ...
We collaborate with our customers and B2B partners to make their products exceptional items.
Thanks to our registered patents and designs, not only do we offer a product with a unique identity but also with high quality.

These criteria form an absolute priority for our designers and technicians.

associations and success A

Savic services is also the creation and distribution of their own products. Indeed, Savic services has associated with a grand chocolate producer, Carla spol who follows the same objectives of innovation and of quality.
It is with great pride that we have opened up on markets such as JAPAN, USA and CHINA.
We are also present throughout Europe.
Our moto : "Where great stops, excellence rules".